Íslandsbanki publishes its Risk Report

The Bank’s special Risk Report is now published for the fourth time.


Annual General Meeting of Íslandsbanki

The Annual General Meeting of Íslandsbanki was held today, 2 April. Friðrik Sophusson, Chairman of the Board presented the Board´s report and Birna Einarsdóttir, CEO presented the annual results for 2013 and the operational highlights for the year.


Public offering of Sjóvá shares

Today, Thursday, 27 March 2014, is the first day of a public offering of shares in insurance company Sjóvá.


Íslandsbanki has been recognised as exemplary in Good Corporate Governance

The recognition is based on a thorough assessment of the conduct of the Board and management of the bank prepared by KPMG.


Íslandsbanki participates in the financing of Fafnir Offshore‘s first vessel

Íslandsbanki participates in the financing of the first Icelandic vessel that is specially designed to service the oil and gas industry in the North.


SEK 300m tap issue of inaugural SEK issue in December

Íslandsbanki has today issued a SEK 300m tap into its inaugural SEK 500m Floating Rate Note (FRN) maturing 16 December 2017.


Islandsbanki hf. : 2013 Annual Consolidated Financial Statements

Profit after tax was ISK 23.1bn in 2013 (4Q13: ISK 7.7bn), compared to the 2012 result of ISK 23.4bn (4Q12: ISK7.2bn). Return on equity was 14.7% in 2013 (4Q13: 19.5%), compared to 17.2% in 2012 (4Q12: 19.7%). The YoY decrease in ROE is primarily driven by higher equity 14.4% YoY.


Financing of Akur finalized

VÍB, wealth management division and management company IS Funds have completed the financing of Akur, a new private equity fund.


Íslandsbanki has signed a purchase agreement for all the bank´s shares in HTO ehf.

Íslandsbanki has sold all its shares in HTO ehf. to Fast-1 slhf.


The sale of Bluebird ehf. completed

SPW ehf. (subsidiary of Miðengi), has completed the sale of all shares in Bluebird ehf. to Haru Holding ehf., the parent company of the airline Air Atlanta.

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